Welcome to Foundation 3.

Foundation 3 is built on ZURB's 14 years of experience at building sites and apps for the Web. We believe designing responsively — designing for all devices and any device — is the future. Foundation is our way of helping you do that. What changed in Foundation 3? Almost everything. Here's what makes Foundation, Foundation.

Developed with Sass

Foundation 3 is built with Sass, a powerful CSS preprocessor, which allows us to much more quickly develop Foundation itself, as well as sites built with it. You can use the Sass or straight CSS version of Foundation.

Feature Complete

New button elements, new navigation types, new form styles and options, and tons of streamlining make this the fastest way to prototype responsively, and to take that code and go right to production.

Freakishly Advanced

Foundation is the most advanced front-end Web framework in the world. While the Framework works back all the way to IE8, we're taking advantage of new, awesome Web technology to help you build faster and better.

Features of Foundation

The Grid

Much of the power of Foundation comes from the grid, a 12-column typographic grid designed to work on almost any sized device screen. With support for nesting, source ordering, offsets and small device presentation it almost makes this too easy.


The typography in Foundation is based on a golden ratio modular scale, so all of your typgraphic elements look great together. Through the power of Sass, the typography is also easy to change both in the base size and ratio.


Buttons are one of the core interactive elements of the Web. We've included styles and patterns for buttons that make it simple to create everything from simple marketing CTAs to complex application toolbars.


A combination of robust, extensible form styles and the built-in power of the Foundation Grid means you can create simple or complicated forms quickly and easily; validation states, custom select and radio buttons and more are included.


People have to get around. Navigation styles in Foundation include simple top bars, sidebars, and subnav pills. We've also included a crazy powerful, responsive top bar that supports N-level dropdowns.


Whether it's pages or simply tabbed content, Foundation's tabs are not only styled up, but interactive out of the box.


We've also included lots of useful elements like visibility classes (to hide or show things based on screen size or orientation), labels, alerts, tooltips, panels and a lot more.


Orbit is an image or content slider that's designed to work responsively, and includes lots of useful options like timers, paddles, bullets, thumbs and more. It's easy to use and very flexible.


If you need modal dialogs Reveal has you covered. You can easily call modals without writing any JS, and modals can now even call subsequent modals cleanly on the same page.

Get Yii Foundation

Download Yii Foundation here to get started quickly. Includes everything you need to get your proyects up and running, take a look at the Setup Guide.

Download Yii Foundation

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