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Yii Extension for the Rapid prototyping and building library from ZURB Foundation

Welcome to Yii Foundation!

Welcome to the Yii Foundation documentation. Here you can learn what Foundation includes, how to use it on your Yii projects as well as how to use it on mobile and on the desktop Web.

What's in Foundation?

So much good stuff, girl. We've built Foundation to help you quickly get a site off the ground and to a state where you can easily adapt and modify it into a release. Here's the highlights:

  • Global
    Foundation's global styles include Eric Meyer's rock-solid reset, tested styles for typography, links, lists, tables and more.
  • The Grid
    You're gonna like this. Within global.css you'll find The Grid (not the one from Tron), a layout framework that works on mobile devices, small screens and full-on modern desktops. It's a twelve column, semi-liquid, mobile-scaling grid of awesomeness that you're gonna love. It even supports arbitrary nesting.
  • Buttons
    We love buttons at ZURB. Foundation includes two base styles, three sizes, and several colors that are preconfigured and super easy to modify.
  • Forms
    Hate forms? So do we. They're a pain. Well, we're simplifying that by creating two base styles for forms that are tested, include validation styles, have proper spacing…all the good stuff. We even included custom radio buttons, checkboxes and select lists so you can style up every form element. They're easy to modify, like everything else.
  • Orbit
    That's right - Orbit, the awesome way to put image or content sliders on your page, is packaged in with Foundation. It even works on mobile.
  • Reveal
    Finally, we've created a whole new plugin for modal dialogs in Foundation. Reveal is easy to call, supports several intro animations right out of the box, and is completely stylable. It also works on mobile.


0.0.1 April 10, 2012

Initial Release

Contributing to Yii Foundation

Yii Foundation is hosted on Github. If you have questions or bugs please file them through Github.

Contributing to Foundation

Foundation is hosted on Github. If you have questions or bugs please file them through Github, but you can also talk to us if you want to get into Foundation and help build out the next generation way of rapidly prototyping. Yeah, we're thinking big.

Get Yii Foundation

Download Yii Foundation here to get started quickly. Includes everything you need to get your proyects up and running, take a look at the Setup Guide.

Download Yii Foundation

Awww yeah, modal dialog!

Yeah it's just the best.

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